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The Dewsbury Bus Museum is owned and operated by the West Riding Omnibus Museum Trust and is run by a dedicated group of volunteers. The aim of the Trust is to preserve the transport heritage of the West Riding of Yorkshire and the surrounding areas. Some of our buses and coaches are owned by groups, others by individual members.  


We are a Registered Charity, No. 702232, and virtually all of our income is derived from members' subscriptions, the proceeds of events and book sales and rental of space to members to store their own vehicles.


We hold a number events each year, some at the Museum and others in the West Riding area. Full details of all these are on the EVENTS page of this website. Also, we take our buses and coaches to other events and rallies organised by other museums and enthusiast groups.


If you wish to bring a group for a private visit to our museum at other times, please contact us.

COPYRIGHT: (C) WEST RIDING OMNIBUS MUSEUM TRUST 2007-2021. Registered Charity No. 702232

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It is with great regret that, because of the new Covid-19 restrictions limiting gatherings to a maximum of six, the Trustees have had no option but to cancel all members' meetings until further notice. Please keep looking here for updates.

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The October Visitors Photography Feature has now closed but you can still see all the entries HERE or in our Flickr Album at:[email protected]/albums/72157716643008381

The December Visitor's Festive Photograph Feature has now closed but you can still see all the entries HERE or in our Flickr Album at[email protected]/albums/72157717122247116

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About us

We have made 2021 "The Year of the Wulf".

The Guy Wulfrunians - ALL OF THEM!


Each day, from 1st January 2021, we will be featuring a "Wulf Of The Day" in West Riding fleet number order, starting with prototype 863. The non-West Riding ones will be featured after.


The photographs will be added to our Guy Wulfrunians - ALL OF THEM album on Flickr. You can see them by clicking HERE or by looking in our Flickr album at:[email protected]/albums/72157717652287473

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To celebrate it, we are featuring.....

Today's "Wulf of the Day" is .....888

50th Anniversary Year

Please keep checking our EVENTS page for details of the amazing things that we are planning to do in our

888 - THL888

Here, we have four Guy Wulfrunians (or at least, two complete ones and two parts) in one photograph. The location is, of course, West Riding’s Belle Isle depot in Wakefield.


It is interesting to note that one of the ornate lamp standards on the pillars by the entrance to the yard has been replaced by a more modern unit. Strangely, only this pillar has survived to today, albeit without its lamp. The other pillar and the ornate lamp, have vanished without trace. Keep an eye out on eBay….


In the foreground of the photograph is today’s Wulfrunian 888 (THL888) in the mid-life livery and with the blind set for the 92 service. Up to 1968, the route was from Leeds Central Bus Station to Woolley Moor via John O Gaunts, Rothwell, Wakefield and Crigglestone but it was subsequently cut back to Hall Green.


The other Wulfrunian, to the left hand side of the photograph, is 879 (THL879) that was featured a week or so ago. Its blind is set for the 189 Wakefield to Leeds via Castleford and Micklefield.